automagically organize your canvas life

use your Canvas calendar to feed your assignments into Trello (or anything else)

July 1, 2019

During my first internship, one of the companies I've had the pleasure to interact with is Zapier (at the Boost VC). There I learnt about their mission to help people automate their lives. Bla bla

Getting the Calendar

The first thing we need to do is set up Canvas in Google Calendar. This part is easy... Simply go to canvas, click the calendar button in the left menubar, and click the "Calendar Feed" button on the right side. This will give you a weird looking link. Copy that and head over to Google Calendar. In the bottom left corner, next to "Other Calenders", press the plus sign and select from URL. Then simply just drop the link and add the calendar. Once added, you can also edit the name of the Calendar by pressing the three little dots and changing the name (NOTE: There is no save button, just press the back button on the top left). Thats it! You now have Canvas's calendar in your Google Calendar. If thats all you want, you can skip the rest of the guide, but if you want to automagically copy things over into Trello (or Todoist or something else) then head over to the next step.

Setting up Zapier

Setting up Zapier is a pretty simple process as they intended it to be. Getting to know the rules might be a little hard which is why I will walk you step by step through the process.

First, you will want to sign up for an account and follow whatever steps they tell you to. Once you finish your onboarding process, press the button in the top right labeled "Make a Zap!"

In the first box you want to select Google Calendar because we just copied Canvas into there. In the next box that pops up, scroll down and select the "Event Start" option.

In the bottom box we want to put Trello (or whatever you plan on using) and scroll down and click "Create Card". Pretty simple so far.

In the next step, it will ask you to sign in and link your Google Calendar account. Go ahead and do that, and then choose the Calendar you just added. Note that the name of the calendar will not be the name that shows up in Google Calendar. It will usually be "Your Name's Canvas". Select that... If you have multiple of these, you can find which the correct one is by going back to Google Calendar, pressing the three dots next to the calendar, and checking the id in the "Integrate calendar" section.

In the next box, set it to 7 days. What this means that if an event is set to happen in 7 days then it will be added to your calendar. NOTE: This means that all events that are set to happen between today and the next 7 days WILL NOT be automatically added. Leave the search term blank and press "Find Event" in the next step.

Once you are on the Trello step, you will again have to link the account. Once done, choose your board and list. For the name field, press the button on the right that looks like some text with a plus sign. Then select the summary option. For the description, select description. For the label, you can choose a color if you would like. Card position should generally be set to the bottom. For the due date, you can either pick "Event Begins Pretty" or "Event Ends Pretty". I like to play it safe and set it to the event begin just so I don't miss anything. Fill in the rest if you need and then press continue.

Finally, press the "Send Test" button and see if anything pops up in trello. If the event is correct then youre all set! Just press the "Turn Zap On" button.

IMPORTANT: After you turn the Zap on, go and copy the next weeks worth of assignments into Trello as they WILL NOT be automatically added since they are less than 7 days away.